Investing in Africa

Africa is full of resources and inexpensive labor. also, considering its potential for growth in different fields, there are lots of opportunities available for long-term and beneficial investments.


Agriculture And Livestock

In many African countries, there are fertile lands, plenty of water, and affordable manpower for agriculture, and these lands are offered to investors for free or on suitable terms.

In the first step, Agricultural products are sold to local markets and after that, they can meet Iran's domestic needs. Also, in some African countries, the conditions for producing livestock and fish meat are done in a way that the cost is very low and The conditions are suitable for developing and providing livestock and meat.

Processing Food Ingredients

Africa produces a lot of raw food materials, but it struggles with processing these raw materials and there are lots of opportunities for investments in this field.

For example, most of the world's cocoa is originated from Africa, but there is no known brand for processing cocoa in Africa.

Also, due to the cheapness of the raw material and labor, it can be very beneficial for the investors to invest in producing concentrate and other food ingredients processing.

Creating all-purpose retail stores

Africa is a densely populated and consumer area, so one of the growing fields in this region is retail stores (hypermarkets). 

Authentic international brands of chain stores are concentrating on Africa and have started to found extensive branches.

The Chinese have also been very successful in this field. Based on the reasonable price of Iranian goods, the foundation of Iranian goods' chain stores, including food, clothing, and home appliances can give Iran a good share of the African retail market.

Construction And Road Construction

Due to Africa's fast growth and development and the global financial support, construction and road construction projects are widely offered to contractors in African countries in tenders.

Also, house construction projects are a profitable field in Africa. We have had several cases in which Iranian companies have won tenders and started to work as contractors.

Also, some Iranian companies have started private constructions in some countries, especially in southern Africa.

Oil And Oil Derivatives

There are some problems with providing fuel in many African countries, one of the important investing fields in Africa can be founding refineries and petrochemicals and providing its food by Iran. In recent years, the issue of starting to found a refinery by Iran in Africa has been brought up several times. Even contracts were signed but did not lead to results and demonstration.

In addition to the significant benefits, this measure can also be regarded as a base for Iranian oil's indirect sales.

Benefiting From The Mines

Africa is full of valuable mines with a high capacity for activity and investment, also there are numerous opportunities for gold and precious stones mines.

Therefore, investment in these fields can draw the important mining companies and Iranian investment attention.

Producing Electricity

Africa still deals with the problem of electricity supply and its high costs, so founding the powerhouses’ projects, both in the form of tenders or investment and sale of the generated electricity, have been and are welcomed by African governments